Juicing Facts

Juicing Facts

People who embark on a juicing-for-health program often get excited because they lose weight so easily. But after the initial thrill of the pounds melting away without a lot of effort, they usually say weight loss became secondary to all the other great health benefits they experienced.

It may seem too simplistic that what you eat or drink could have a profound impact on your health. But a recent study, which evaluated surveys of 500 people on a living foods diet, showed amazing health benefits from choosing raw foods. (Freshly made juice is the supreme raw food). The study showed that more than 80 percent of the people surveyed lost weight. But that was only the beginning of their transformation. These people reported marked improvements in immunity, digestion, allergies, women’s issues, and chronic illness. They enjoyed better sleep and the need for less of it.

Alkaline MeThey also described improvement in many skin conditions such as eczema, skin eruptions, dryness, oiliness and susceptibility to sunburns. Their hair grew thicker, stronger and more lustrous, with decreased thinness, weakness, oiliness, dryness, dullness and dandruff. Nail strength improved. Body odor decreased sharply while eyesight and sense of smell improved. There was a marked increase in energy, and a significant decrease in addictions and use of medications. Results also showed a substantial decrease in allergies. And, the vast majority of respondents (87.5 percent) reported better mental, emotional, and spiritual health.1

So what’s really going on when people consume live juice that could offer such stellar benefits? When you consistently drink fresh raw juice, especially vegetable juice that includes plenty of dark leafy greens, along with eating lots of vegetables and fruit and a very healthy diet, your whole internal environment changes. Juice, which is rich in antioxidants, cleanses the body of stored wastes and toxins that interfere with the proper functioning of cells and organs.

JuiceForce® is a garden-in-a-glass detox program that offers an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants – a cornucopia of nutrients that increase the micro-electric potential of the cells. This improves the body’s use of oxygen so the muscles and both the muscles and brain are energized.

A healthy, vibrant internal environment is a key to optimum health. This means our cells, organs, and systems are able to do the jobs they are designed to do.

Carrot AppleRaw juices are also replete with biophotons – those light rays of energy plants get from the sun. When we pasteurize juice (all commercial juices are pasteurized even the ones in store refrigerators) those beautiful rays of energy are destroyed. The latest research by Professor F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli shows that, in addition to the chemical composition of our food, light energy (biophotons) is an important factor in food value.2

The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown, sun-ripened, fresh vegetables and fruit are rich in light energy. Therefore, the capacity to store biophotons is a measure of the quality of your food. Stored energy from the sun finds its way into your cells via food in the form of these minute particles of light. They energize cells by supplying fuel for the mitochondria (the energy furnaces of your cells that pump out adenosine diphosphate, the fuel that is used by cells). Practically speaking, this means you feel more energized and your metabolism revs up.

Often, people who can’t lose weight because of toxins, find that fat just melts away on this diet. One reason juice facilitates weight loss is because it’s concentrated with nutrients. Along comes the antioxidant-rich juice that binds up toxins and carries them out of the body. Then, the body can let go of fat cells that were storing toxins.

People often report that when they change their diet to include plenty of live juices, their body undergoes a transformation similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. They start feeling better, lighter, and more energized as time goes on. Sleep improves. Energy kicks up a notch, and mood improves. The mind becomes more alert and creative, while disorganizing brain fog fades away because all the nutrients in fresh juice help the mind and body revive.

In the process, overall health improves. Ailments and chronic diseases begin to heal for many people. Then, a person’s whole life changes because they have the energy to accomplish their goals.

Depending on your age and sex, FDA recommends from 1-3 cups of vegetables and 1-2 cups of fruit daily.

At JuiceForce® we provide you with much more than that. We juice about 10-14 lb of fresh organic produce for your daily juice intake, providing all the nutrients you need to feed the body/mind, yet placing the body in a position to detoxify.

With the JuiceForce®  program you will drink 3 litters of 100% organic, fresh juices and superfood concentrate each day. This means that you are not on a fast, but in fact on a feast, as your body is not deprived of calories needed to function optimally, so you can go on with life as usual.

Because all the calories are coming from pure juice rather than solid foods, you give your digestive system a break and divert the energy usually needed to break down foods, to detoxifying, regenerating and rebuilding.

Naturally, your body will get a break from any refined sugars, processed starches, animal products, cooked food or stimulants you may normally ingest.

This alone makes a huge difference. Juicing your food removes the fiber intake (even though important to your body, a break from fiber once in a while does your body good), so your body can more readily absorb and assimilate the nutrients, faster, straight from the juice.

The energy is then used to clean out all the toxins and matter, especially from the small intestine. Remarkably, an average person holds between 5-10 lb of old toxic matter in their intestines, and juicing is an ideal way to release it, while being gentle on the system.

Far from being a time of deprivation, it’s actually a time of an extraordinary healing process, massive nutritional intake, shift in health and self-empowering time. The aim of the JuiceForce® cleans program is to cleans, rebuild, rehydrate and alkalize.

Some of the major “side-effects” from juicing are loss of excess weight, elevated energy, radiant skin, sleep improvement, increased mind sharpness, looking and feeling younger, and you will definitely get that : “…you look great, what have you been doing”.

So, let’s juice!

1 Raw Food Diet Study http://www.iowasource.com/food/lenkastudy_0806.html Accessed April 22, 2011.
2 McDonald’s and Biophoton Deficiency http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_industryweapons78.htm Accessed April 22, 2011.

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