Common Questions

Q: Is it organic?
A: Yes. Our complete line of raw, cold pressed juice is 100% organic.

Q: How long can my juices last?
A: Many raw juicing companies recommend to consume your juice within 6 days after you receive it. Juice Force recommends a 3 day shelf life for super freshness. All our juices are completely raw and unpasteurized. We use hydraulic press juicers, which allows juice to stay fresher, longer (3 to 5 days).

Q: How should I store my juice?
A: Refrigeration is essential! You should take your juices out of the box before you put it in the fridge.

Q: Is it OK to exercise while cleansing?
A:  Absolutely!! Can we please finally put to rest the myth that if you don’t eat a lot, you’ll lack energy? Unless one is undergoing a water fast, which, should only be done with a coach, energy levels will skyrocket! You will be amazed to see that the more you allow your digestive tract to rest, the more your energy gets a boost. The energy that is usually spent on digestion is now yours for the taking, so grab it and go for a jog! Remember- you are feeding your cells, not  stuffing your belly.

Q: What are detox symptoms? Will I get them?
A: During a cleanse, the body is essentially tearing down all of the “bad stuff” and rebuilding with new material. To make room for that new material, the “bad stuff” needs to leave; how it makes its exit is your potential crisis. For example: when the body eliminates coffee, symptoms usually include headaches, nervousness, and shakiness. When protein, meats, and fats are eliminated, you may experience skin eruptions, foul body odor, or a coated tongue.

Q: Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?
A: On the contrary, one’s mind becomes clearer and one’s ability to solve problems enhances. This is because instead of large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is sent and utilized by the brain.

Q: Will a one-day cleanse do anything?
A: YES! How would you react if you never had a day off? The benefits of a one-day cleanse, once a week are astronomical! This cleanse method has been an Eastern practice for centuries, used as a quick strategy to strengthen the immune system, sharpen mental clarity, and allow the body to “catch up.” Like yourself, your body needs a rest. After only one day of stopping solid food intake, enzymes stop visiting your stomach and instead travel into the bloodstream and intestines, where they get busy attacking all sorts of old waste matter, damaged cells, and pollutants.

Q: Can I cleanse and eat food too?
A: The benefits of a cleanse will be lost if you eat solid food in addition to the juices. The idea of a cleanse is to only consume the juice so that your digestive system has time to rest. However, if you want to supplement your current diet with cold pressed juice it’s great for digestion and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Q: I don’t want to cleanse, can I just purchase individual juices?
A: Yes. You can select any kind of juice from our line of proprietary blends and any quantity. Our price per bottle is the same. Just keep in mind that the shelf life is 3 days, so plan to order so you always have a fresh supply.

Q: I have allergies, can you make me custom juices
A:  Yes. We can create your own custom blends, but keep in mind that all juices are produced in the same facility.

Q:  Can I drink Diet Coke during my cleanse?
A:  That’s a solid ‘No’. We don’t recommend it during a cleanse, and we actually don’t recommend it ever 🙂 Try to drink water with lemon or herbal or green tea instead.

Q: Can I smoke on the cleanse?
A:  We think you already know the answer to this, but we won’t tell you how to live your life. Just how we’d live ours. Smoking is not recommended.

Q: Can cleansing help me quit smoking?
A: It’s possible! If you do Juice Force for an extended period of time then you’re bound to lose some nasty habits. If for example, you were to do a 21 day cleanse, (w/ some supplemental foods); you would likely find at the end of  your Juice Force Cleanse that you don’t want to put “bad” or unhealthy products back into your system. Any one of our cleanses for this length of time can help you evaluate any bad habits. (By the way, these are usually symptoms of a pH imbalance, or rather, being too acidic). Recent findings by the American Academy of Family Physicians report that it takes 21 days to break a habit. Give it a try, what do you have to lose!

Q: Can I cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing?
A:  As a supplement to your current diet, yes.  Alone? No. You actually need to add a LOT more calories than you normally consume while nursing. The body is looking for all the calories it can find so your child can grow, etc. The problem with any type of cleanse while pregnant or nursing is that you release a substantial amount of toxins back into your system, which is what your baby relies on for nourishment. That said, adding Juice Force juices to your regular diet while nursing and/or pregnant will give you the added nourishment your body so desperately needs during that time.

Q: Can I cleanse while taking antibiotics?
A: The Juice Force Cleanse is actually the perfect partner for your antibiotics. While antibiotics fight off harmful bacteria they also deplete the body’s supply of healthy bacteria. Our cleanses are packed with nutrients that support a healthy immune system. An extended cleanse will even help strengthen your immune system to prevent illness in the future. We wish you a speedy recovery.

Q: Can I cleanse if I have diabetes?
A:There are many types of diabetes. Even though juice feasting is reported widely to cure diabetes, Juice Force does not make any claims as to the healing properties of our juices for any illness, and we strongly suggest you always consult with your doctor first.

Q: Can I drink Juice Force juices if I am lactose intolerant?
A: YES!!! There are absolutely NO animal products in our juice.

Q: I have a gluten allergy, can I do it?
A: Absolutely! We are gluten free. In fact there is nothing added to our juice but juice! Absolutely NO additives and 100% vegan.

Q: Shouldn’t I have fiber? Should I take fiber supplements?
A:  Normally, fiber is great for moving things through your system, but when the body must separate out juice from fiber, there is an energy expenditure there that is significant. For our purposes, we want to reduce this burden as much as possible so that we can give the body and digestive tract a break from having to break down solid food – so that the saved energy can be transferred to cleansing processes.

Q: Can I do this if I am on blood thinners?
A: The answer to this question is almost always no because of the amount of greens in our juice, but as always, check with your doctor before you start any program.

Q: How much weight will I lose?
A: There have been reports of an average of 1lb per day, however, remember that this is a nutritional cleanse designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore allow your body to eliminate toxins. If you do lose weight, and that was something you were looking for while cleansing, then that’s just a happy side effect.

Q: Will I gain all the weight back?
A: Hopefully, if weight control is your goal, Juice Force Cleanse will put you on a path towards healthier habits. Many people report being able to focus more on what they are putting into their body after a cleanse. Make this your goal in preparing for your cleanse, and ask yourself, “What am I going to do when this cleanse is over?” It’s an opportunity to “reset.”

Q: What are the benefits of the green juices vs. the fruit juices?
A: The main benefit of green juice is its alkalizing effect. Fruit juices are more astringent; essentially the fruit digs it up and the green moves it out. Think of how your eyes start to water and maybe your nose runs a little when you bite into a lemon – citrus is a wonderful natural expectorant.

Q: Can I put my child on a cleanse?
A: Children should not do any type of juice cleanse or fast while they are still growing. That said, Juice Force is an amazing addition to any diet. Cold pressed juice is always a better alternative to soda.

Q: How often should I do a cleanse?
A: A good rule of thumb is whenever you experience any of the following: fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and of course, before and after holidays or any special events that lead to overindulging. We recommend doing a cleanse once a month for at least three days. This allows your body the proper rest and recovery time it needs to maintain optimum health. Make it a healthy habit – the immune system loves a consistent schedule.

Q: I want to do this every week! How many days in a row can I cleanse?
A: We recommend that you always listen to your body and take it day by day. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, by all means, go for a 10-day Juice Force Cleanse! Can you do 21-days? As with anything, it depends on the person. Some people who have more serious cases or are using juice cleansing in cancer therapy have continued on a cleanse indefinitely, until they are healed. In any event, you should always consult your doctor first.

Q: What if I have more questions or want to order again?
A: If you don’t find your answer here, email  us at
We would be glad to answer any questions you may have 🙂


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