Preparing for a Cleanse

The more prepared you are before your cleanse, the smoother your transition will be. This means a few days leading up to your cleanse, cut down on all those delicious indulgences we love to love and phase out: the coffee, the sugar, the meat and the dairy, and add fresh fruit, greens and veggies at every meal.

NO farewell to solid foods with a steak and martini dinner the night before you start. You will NOT be a happy camper by the end of Day One. And that’s a promise. So start now!

Every morning, first thing into your body should be room temperature or lukewarm filtered water, (or as hot as you can tolerate). Adding some organic fresh squeezed lemon has a hydrating and alkalizing effect on the body. This is to wake up your system and get things moving. Remember, you may drink herbal tea, whenever you like, and as much as you like. From there, drink your juices in their numbered order as often as you need to. Because we’re not all operating on the same schedule, a good rule of thumb, as far as when to drink (the juice), is to wait about one hour between drinks and to finish the last beverage at least two hours before you sleep. Consuming anything right before bedtime does not allow your insides proper rest. Hydrating as much as possible with water and herbal tea or green tea (this will ease the dreaded “coffee withdrawal headache” if you experience it) in between each juice is also a must.

And that’s about it!


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